Swiss Alps: Still in Awe

It´s been three days since I landed in the Barcelona airport returning home from Switzerland and I am still in awe.  The Swiss Alps don´t even touch on beautiful.  Words can´t describe the beauty that lies in the snowy mountains.

Attempting to save a few bucks, I took an earlier flight to Geneva.  The flight was practically empty.  I had an entire row of seats to myself… felt like first class.  After an hour we landed in Geneva and had oh I dont know about 6 or 7 hours of chilling in the airport before the meeting time for Bus2Alps.  If I was thinking I could have spent that time exploring the town of Geneva instead of becoming familiar with the airport.

The next day I signed up for skiing and night sledding.  AMAZING.  The slopes were to die for.  I didn´t realize how much i missed the thrill of skiing until I got stuck on a slope I wasn´t ready for.  But after four years and mountless… the rule of thumb is to just go down the slope.  Being at the top of the Swiss Alps and stuck choosing between taking a red or black reminded me of a time when my dad brought me to a black diamond in the Poconos.  I had no choice but to force myself down the slope.  Same situation here… the beauty of the alps helped me to force myself down the slope.  After completing that run, I felt confident in my skiing abilities!