Jerez… Tio Pepe

I departed for Sevilla on the 18th… bright and early, however the weekend was not as bright as I had hoped it would be.  This flight was also my first with the dreaded “RyanAir” and it wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting.

I arrived in Sevilla around 10am, waiting in line for a bus until 11am when I realized that I would miss the train for the Sherry wine tour in Jerez — Tio Pepe. EW.  I wonder if I still would have gone on the tour knowing it was Sherry.. I mean who actually enjoys drinking Sherry? Because it is def. not my cup of tea.  Besides the Sherry, the tour was definately interesting.  We saw a wine cellar that hadn’t been touched in ages. You could actually see the cobwebs touching each wine/sherry bottle.Really old wineTowards the end of the tour, probably my favorite part, we saw the Tio Pepe mouse.  Well not exactly the mouse but the wine glass and cheese that the family gives the mouse… He is known as the drunk mouse.

Then comes the sherry and the tapas.  Pan y jamón… typical spanish food also cheese and these small bread/cracker things.  We don’t have them in Barcelona.  We were also given two types of Sherry… a sweeter kind and a bitter kind.Tapas and SherryAfter the tour we wandered around Jerez… the sleeping town of Jerez.  Of course it was siesta when we got out of the tour and all we wanted was icecream. Epic Fail.  Then the rain comes and we headed to the train back to Sevilla.  Until next time Tio Pepe