The Beginning

It´s almost been three weeks since I left my house for the Philadelphia International Airport.  Seems like yesterday.  My parents dropped me off and my luggage was at over the 50 pound limit.  I was surprised when both my bags were 49-50 pounds… until I saw my dad tugging the ribbon tied to the side of my bag, otherwise who knows if I would have had to pay for an extra bag.

After leaving my parents at security I was officially on my own for four months.  Dragging my Vera Bradley duffle bag as my carry-on through the airport in my combat boot heels was definitely something new.  Ususally my dad takes care of everything nor have I ever had to pack enough clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and toiletrees to last me four months in a wide variety of temperature changes resulting in very heavy luggage. oops, should have packing a smaller suitcase with wheels.  My life on the sixth would have been much easier, then again… who said life would be easy.

About an hour or two passes and I am boarding my eight hour plane ride to Munich.  The overhead compartments were a) too high for me to reach and b) my bag was too heavy for me to lift even if I could reach it.  So… what else do I do… I asked the blond german man to my left if he was tall and good thing he was because he ended up putting my bag in the overhead compartment for me. THANK YOU!

The plane finally took off and I made frineds with the girl sitting next to me.  Nathalie was a sweetheart.  We chatted the majority of the flight… when we werent watching movies that is.  She showed me some pictures of Barca and also other places in Europe that her modeling career has taken her.  Her modeling pictures were great! Before I knew it we were landing in Munich.  I thought I was escaping the snow, when in reality, in Munich, I was far from escaping the snow.

view from the plane

After we landed I had an hour and a half to spare.  I had to go back through airport security and the first man spoke no english.  I asked him if I needed to take my shoes off.  He shook his head (I assumed that meant no).  So I start to put my things on the track to get scanned and almost forgot about my computer!! He rolled the track back and I took it out.  Then I asked him if I needed to take out my liquids… again he shook his head.  So all my things are beginning to roll through when he saw my shoes and signaled for me to take them off.  At that point i realized he was probably just shaking his head because he couldn´t understand me.  I walked through and all was good until I got to the other side and the second security officer told me I had a lot of liquids in my bag.  I took out the liquids and he examined them and proceeded to tell me that I had too many liquids and he would cut me a break but for future reference I had to pack my liquids in a smaller bag when travelling in Europe.  After about 15 mintues of being stuck at this security spot I was finally allowed through.