Avicii, Laidback Luke, New Friends and AMAZING WEATHER

Wow… to think that my semester abroad is almost over is insane… 4 days in Barcelona (last week of classes), 10 days in Italy, 4 days in Barcelona (2 days of finals).. then HOME? ew.

This past week was by far one of the best here in Barcelona.

Monday: Return home from Copenhagen, Field trip to FC Barca Museum and Avicii at Up and Down (the old Oshum)

It was quite the eventful week.  I returned home Monday from visiting my family in Copenhagen around 4, got to my apartment around 5, and had to leave for my field trip to Camp Nou, the FC Barca stadium.  Monday was also my first house concert, or second if you consider Day Glow to be a house concert, and it exceeded all expectations.  From the music to the lights, the show was amazing.

Tuesday: Free Dinner at CDLC and cheap drinks at Shoko

Tuesday was tough… in Barcelona, Tuesdays are the hump day.  Once past it, the week cruises by.  Luckily I had the opportunity to attend a dinner at CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club).  This was the second time I attended one of these events.  It included a glass of champaign when I first arrived, sushi, 2 courses of mediteranean food, fruit and chocolate fondue, and unlimited wine… atleast until the bucket for the group is empty. mmm soo good.  Afterwards we headed to Shoko which was 2 clubs down for a couple euro shots.. nopeee can’t beat that!

Wednesday:  Champaignería, beach, Field trip to The Olympic Museum

I had been looking forward to Wednesday all week! I couldn’t wait to skip my classes, go to my favorite Tapa’s restaurant and then to the beach… in my mind that was almost a perfect day.

Thursday: Laidback Luke at Opium Mar

The big day was finally here… LAIDBACK LUKE! My roommate had friends visiting, but they were not arriving in Barcelona until 1am on Friday so we met them at Laidback Luke around 2am… what a night!

Friday: Beach, Attic, L’Ovella Negra, Dow Jones Bar

Perfect day for a beach day! Met up with some friends who were visiting for the weekend at the beach.  Went to Attic for dinner… it was delish then headed to L’Ovella Negra (probably the only place I don’t mind drinking beer) and then to Dow Jones Bar. They loved it all.  Its a great feeling when you can be a host and have the company enjoy every second of their trip in the amazing city Barcelona.

Saturday: Beach, La Hacienda, Chupitos (by the beach), Opium

Sunday: chillaxed and recovered from an amazing yet exhausting week.


5 hour wander in the streets of Barcelona

65 degrees and sunny.  Couldn’t resist the opportunity to explore the streets of Barcelona a little bit more. Barre-Gothic Area is probably one of my favorites. It’s history and uniqueness really make me feel like I’m in another city.  But in the 5 hours I was walking up and down the streets beginning in Barceloneta, another one of my FAVORITE areas, and ending in Catalunya Plaza some strange things happened.

  1. I had been looking forward to eating at Bó de B for quite some time, and finally I had the chance.  We left my apartment a little after 1pm took the L1 to Urquoina then transferred to the L4 and got off at Jaume 1.  Head down via Latieana until we reached the end, make a right at the large Correos, then low and behold there was the infamous Bo de B… I had recently heard that it takes a long time, but the wait is hit or miss.  Welp, my wait was most definately a miss.  Waited in line for a solid hour and half. yikes. When we got close the man who worked there asked us what we wanted, chicken/pollo, so he could pre-cook it.  Finally we reached the window and the chicken wasn’t ready… however what we did notice was that the men sitting inside got to the line quite some time after us… the chicken sandwiches we were supposed to get.. were being served to the men who were not waiting as long as us… Next time: go inside or atleast skope out the line sitch… split up and who ever gets to the front of the line first is where the group goes.

    Out front Correos and Bo-de-b

  2. Then I found a scarf for my mom’s cousin that I am staying with in Copenhagen this weekend in a small boutique near Jaume 1, like I said before.. love that area. Anyways I decide to wander around the area a bit.. in and out of stores… trying on some clothes just to kill the time, keep myself entertained and outside in this beautiful weather… but first, lets go back to when I first decided to go to Spain to study abroad.  Everyone warned me how there are not very man blonds and also that some spanish men love to holler at girls… welp today was a strange day for that.  I came out of a store and immediately a man said “caliente” and him and his friend were stairing at me… following me… and repeated “caliente, guapa rubia” and he patted me on my back. I repeated no a few times and he asked me “ingles,” I said no.. trying to look for an escape.  He asked me “deutch” and I said “no”, “frances” he asked again, and my response was “no” as I ducked out and into a store I extremely dispise.. actually I just find it werid…Desigual.
  3. I realized when I am not with my roommate, Fianna, I’m always BBMing (BlackBerry Instant Messenger) her… if this was my twitter I’d say #truefriendship.
  4. Why do some Spaniards hold the lever on the metro? It needs to completely stop until it opens… so what is the point of holding it the entire time?… answers welcome!
  5. What happened to chivalry? Men holding doors… or even elevators?! Recently, a CEA student displayed what I believe to be chivalry.  The smallest things really go a long way.  The elevators at CEA’s smaller campus, COACB, never stay open and always close on people. After my Sport and Culure in Spain class I headed to the elevator.  It was very full and when we went from floor 5 to floor 4 there appeared to be no room.  One of the guys was rude about not letting anyone else on, but one of them made room for the guy on floor 4 to get in with us.  Then as we were all getting out, this mystery man stood in the way of the elevator so the girls could be let out without the doors closing on them.  We def need more men like him in the world.
  6. People watching is very enjoyable especially on crowded metros… today, I noticed a man with a booger on his nose and a man who reaked of B.O…. not okay dudes.

21st Birthday in Barcelona

Turning 21 in the states is a big deal consisting of a new dress (for girls atleast)!  The normal routine consists of having all your friends come to your place to pregame the night of your 21st (aka midnight)… usually BYOB obvs bc the birthday girl/dude shouldn’t have to pay to get everyone else drunk. Then whoever is 21 at the time, takes the verge blackout birthday person to the bar… this person usually has on a ton of tacky 21st birthday gear: shotglass necklace, hat, sunglasses, tiarra.. whatever his/her friends give the to wear… he/she must wear it.  So then at the bars, everyone else buys the 21 yr old drinks the entire night in hopes of watching them black out  and either make bad decisions or get kicked out of the bar.

Eventually the birthday kid makes it back safely due to atleast one maybe two friends who were not at the same level of drunk.  Here are two aftermaths of 21st birthdays:

exhibit a:

Before the blackout

exhibit b:

Morning of...

But here in Europe, it isn’t important, AT ALL.  The big deal in the states is that its the first day one can legally drink at bars or purchase alcohol..  My 21st birthday was March 21st… this is considered to be my Golden Year… turing the same age as the day (number) you were born… kinda legit that mine happens to be on my 21st.  So everything that is supposed to happen on a 21st birthday… welp not exactly my birthday experience.

My birthday activities consisted of:
Sunday March 20: still locked out of my apartment from being robbed in Valencia.. bye bye keys… then with no money, my friend took me out to dinner.  We made reservations at my favorite restaurant so far here in Barcelona… La Bella Napoli (AMAZING)… its off of Para-Lel.  Then the rumor was that some of our friends were going to George Paynes (an Irish Pub).

my fav ❤

Monday March 21 Day:  Played hookie. LOVE not going to class.  Woke up and my dad was trying to find a way to wire me money so i wasn’t broke on my birthday.  But he was taking forever and I legit didn’t want to wait in my apartment anymore… So some of my friends and I went to two of my other favorite places here.. Champaigneria… where you purchase 2 tapas and then get a bottle of cava for 5 euro… always turns into about 5 bucks for me and my friend. DELISH.  We met up with a few friends there, but then my dad called me and told me he wired the money… So Fianna and I went on a hunt for a Correos.  Luckily there was one about 5 minutes from Champaigneria. Then I was in Business =)  We didn’t feel like going back to Champaigneria so our next stop was Tapa Tapa ❤ off of Port Vell.  We got some banging Tapas and Sangriaaaa mmmmm.

Tapa Tapa

Tapa Tapa

Monday March 21 Night:  Originally the plan was to go to Nasty Mondays at Apolo… but last minute change of plans and we were headed to the guys for a normal Monday night of Loco Lunes at Otto Zutz… with just about every other American in Barcelona… nothing special.

the crew at otto zutz

But atleast I have 3 more birthdays when I arrive home in the states… going to bars with my dad and my mom as DD… “Okay, a bar it is. We’ll hit West Chester (a little). Mom can be the designated driver!”, West Chester bars and of course the Bars with all my lovers in State College!!!!!! CANT WAIT =)

Siestas in Sevilla

After a long not even long, just felt like forever, journey from Jerez back to Sevilla, we all craved Siestas before reconvening at 11:15pm on the bridge.  Pretty sure my hour “siesta” was one of the most needed in my life!  After meeting on the bridge we crossed to the other side… the typical pregame spot… cracked open some wine bottles and started the night. About half a bottle down… some spanish men come over and asked if they could have some of the 2L coke bottle one of the girls brought.  She said sure.  Then he asks her if he can have some of her rum… she said nope.  Then another girl offered some of her gin.  As he was reaching over with a cup, he takes the gin from her hand and runs away.  Milaseconds later, another guy comes and grabs the girls rum.  She tried to fight for it, but wasn’t strong enought.  The five guys than ran away with the bottles of gin and rum.  We were all in shock, screamed a little, then got over it.  About five minutues later two other men come over and we’re telling them the story… probably not such a smart move considering we discovered they pulled the same trick… so they offered us some of their wine because they “felt bad.”  Next thing i know, they’re running off with my wine bottle. FML. Two of the girls spoke excellent spanish and were fed up with those men.  So they decided to go after the guys.  Yelling at them in perfect spanish the men were shocked and didn’t know what to do.  One girl punched the one guy in the face and kneed him in the balls after he spit on her and the other girl poured her drink on a different man.  Then they left.  All the girls were promising this doesn’t normally happen because they didn’t want it to ruin my trip, but hey… its a story to tell… gotta love those.  Afterwards we went to a dollar shot bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C-yah night… whattup hangover.

The following day Alex and I woke up around 1pm, she was perfectly fine, but me on the other hand… extremely hungover, but I was only in Sevilla for another 24 hours so I got my ass up, showered, and changed for the day.  First we went to Plaza España… gorgeous.  Then we went to climbed the cathedral….30+ flights of ramps… man was I sore the next day, but the view from the top was beautiful and well worth the needed exercise.  Unfortunately still hungover… it was a good thing I stopped at the bathroom before climbing it.. if you know what I mean :/

My favorite tapas place in Sevilla was Cien Bocadillas y Cerversaría… where they offered 100 types of bocadillas for anywhere between 1 € and 3€ !  If only they had those in Barcelona.

Until next time Sevilla. See you later! — Aún el tiempo proximo Sevilla, “Hatah luego!”

Jerez… Tio Pepe

I departed for Sevilla on the 18th… bright and early, however the weekend was not as bright as I had hoped it would be.  This flight was also my first with the dreaded “RyanAir” and it wasn’t as terrible as I was expecting.

I arrived in Sevilla around 10am, waiting in line for a bus until 11am when I realized that I would miss the train for the Sherry wine tour in Jerez — Tio Pepe. EW.  I wonder if I still would have gone on the tour knowing it was Sherry.. I mean who actually enjoys drinking Sherry? Because it is def. not my cup of tea.  Besides the Sherry, the tour was definately interesting.  We saw a wine cellar that hadn’t been touched in ages. You could actually see the cobwebs touching each wine/sherry bottle.Really old wineTowards the end of the tour, probably my favorite part, we saw the Tio Pepe mouse.  Well not exactly the mouse but the wine glass and cheese that the family gives the mouse… He is known as the drunk mouse.

Then comes the sherry and the tapas.  Pan y jamón… typical spanish food also cheese and these small bread/cracker things.  We don’t have them in Barcelona.  We were also given two types of Sherry… a sweeter kind and a bitter kind.Tapas and SherryAfter the tour we wandered around Jerez… the sleeping town of Jerez.  Of course it was siesta when we got out of the tour and all we wanted was icecream. Epic Fail.  Then the rain comes and we headed to the train back to Sevilla.  Until next time Tio Pepe