Naples (part 3 spring break)

Naples. In the city where the margarita and marinera pizza were discovered what else besides pizza comes to mind? Thats what I thought until I woke up on the bus, looked outside to see piles and piles of trash. Walking through the city we kept passing overflowing trash dumpsters. We shortly learned that the garbage men are on strike.  LEGIT trash piled everywhere which was quite disappointing coming from Amafi… however the pizza was far from disappointing.

Every couple streets we asked people where we could find good pizza, but we could never actually understand them.  Finally, we found a family with a man who spoke broken english and he directed us to a pizza joint called Solo Pizza.The pizzas ranged from 3.50 to 7 euros.  A margarita pizza was 4 euros and very good.  I ended up having left overs and planned on taking it on the 3 hour bus ride to Rome Ciampino Airport but the Bus driver wouldn’t let anyone with food on the bus.  So three of us with left overs decided to give it to homeless people.  We gave 2 boxes to a family and the little boy grabbed a box, was so excited, and ran to a bench to eat it.  The third box was given to an old man who smiled and said “gratzie! gratzie! gratzie!”  On our way out of naples we saw the old man eating the pizza on a bench looking so happy.  It always feels good to do a good deed ❤


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