Venzia, Fierenze, and Roma (part one of spring break)

Venice, Italy

I couldn’t think of a better way to see Italy than during spring break.  Beginning my adventure in Venice.  The city of canals, outdoor mazes, gondalas, and no cars was my first stop on this eurotrip.  I never imagined how difficult it would be to navigate through the alleys until we were hunting for our hotel.  We walked up and down the same streets asking for directions until we finally found someone who knew where we were headed: Hotel Cittá Di Milano.  After dropping off our luggage, we grabbed some pizza and wine.  Then sat at a cafe for a liter of vini della casa (house wine) and we were ready for our gondala ride!Needless to say, we were kinda buzzed and were trying to convince the gondalere to sing to us! You know, like the movies!  He said start to sing a song and I’ll sing along… so I said “row, row, row your boat…” and he didn’t join in.  He said that gondaleres do not sing; it is only in the movies.  He took us on a twenty mintute cruise through the canals of Venice and would tell us a little bit of history about the city surrounded by water.

Florence, Italy

After one night in Venice… we were ready to bounce.  We took a ferry to the train station, a train to the outskirts of Florence, and then a cab to Hotel Boboli.  Our cute little hotel was located next to Boboli Gardens and down the street from our favorite pizza place, Gusta Pizza.  Before coming to Florence we heard of an amazing pizza place that we had to go to when we got to Florence.  So obviously our first stop was to Gusta Pizza Osteria. We went to Gusta Osteria because Gusta Pizza was closed between five and seven in the evening.  We were so disappointed but soon found out that the Gusta’s are brothers and each owns a restaurant: Gusta Pizza, Gusta Osteria, and Gusta Panino.

After we ate, we were ready to do some wandering around the cute city, Florence.  We had to cross Rialto Bridge everytime we wanted to get to the other side of the river.  We wandered for quite some time, saw the outdoor market, the Duamo, and were even invited to a bar and then a club that night.  Next thing we new it was 7 or 8 p.m. and we headed straight to Gusta Pizza.  The Italians loved us and kept calling us “Barceonaaa” and gave us a little bit of special treatment… including a heart shaped pizza.Our next stop was to Astor a local bar, followed by a few others.  Astor was really cool, a live DJ, big screen TVs showing the hockey playoff games that were on that night and overall just a very cool layout. And on top of that… FREE DRINKS!! What more can a girl ask for =)

The next day we walked through Boboli Gardens, ate lunch…at no other than Gusta Pizza, and went to see David’s penis.. The David Statue within Accademia.  Boboli Gardens were gorgeous.  We walked through and up to a lawn where people were lying out everywhere and we could see a panoramic view of Florence.  Very relaxing… which was good because by the time we arrived at the Accademia, the line was sooo long. No way were we waiting in that.  We didn’t know we had to make a reservation, but luckily we were able to pay 4 euro each for a “reservation”/we could walk right in.  No pictures allowed in the Accademia unfortunately.

The next day we were off to…

Rome, Italy

We took the speed train from Florence to Rome and checked into our hotel… Pensione Marsala. Lets just say we were luckey with the other two.  This hotel definces the phrase “you get what you pay for.”  But we were only there for three nights, basically only for showering and sleeping and then we were off to Amalfi Coast… so nbd.  Obviously we were hungry as soon as we arrived and found a cute restaurant called Trattoria la Antiche Carrozze and had a fabulous meal.  Our next stop was the Trevi fountain.  It was just as pretty as in the movies.. with the exception of all the trash.  We were in shock at how dirty Rome was.  It’s unfortunate that the city cannot be as clean as Barcelona.  We made wishes into the fountain, headed back to our hotel to lay down and get ready to go out for the night… but we crashed and didn’t make it out.The next morning we realized that we should go to Vatican City since we did not go out the night before.  We crammed in on a Bus and for about fourty mintutes too.  But we finally arrived and headed to the Vatican.  We stood in line, went through security to only discover that we were not wearing correct clothes…aka our knees weren’t covered, so we couldn’t go in!  We stood and watched people attempt to get in and get denyed then we bailed.  We went to see the Pantheon (temple to the Roman Gods) then went to a cute wine and cheese place called Cul de Sac and after we met up with some friends at a bar called The Drunken Ship and played beer pong!Day three in Roma, we me up with some friends who were in Rome at the Colesseum.  Again a long line and 12 euros to get in; we paid 20 euros to join a group, skipped the lines, then ditched the group.  Did our thing then went to see the gorgeous Spanish Steps taking minor details at some high end stores that I couldn’t even begin to afford, but wish I could.Our final day in Rome we attemped another day in Vatican City.  And by day I mean entire day.  Holy Thursday in fact and the place was PACKED. The line to enter the Vatican wrapped around the entire piazza.  We arrive around 11:30a.m. and the line started to move around 1p.m.  This was due to the Holy Thursday mass.  But once we were inside, it was beautiful.We went through the tombs, we took a lift and climbed a lot of stairs to reach the top of Saint Peter’s Basilica and saw amazing views of Vatican City and Rome, and we went inside the Sistine Chapel.The rest of the day flew by and the next thing we knew we were on our way to Rome Ciampino Airport to meet Bus2Alps and head to THE AMALFI COAST ❤


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