Avicii, Laidback Luke, New Friends and AMAZING WEATHER

Wow… to think that my semester abroad is almost over is insane… 4 days in Barcelona (last week of classes), 10 days in Italy, 4 days in Barcelona (2 days of finals).. then HOME? ew.

This past week was by far one of the best here in Barcelona.

Monday: Return home from Copenhagen, Field trip to FC Barca Museum and Avicii at Up and Down (the old Oshum)

It was quite the eventful week.  I returned home Monday from visiting my family in Copenhagen around 4, got to my apartment around 5, and had to leave for my field trip to Camp Nou, the FC Barca stadium.  Monday was also my first house concert, or second if you consider Day Glow to be a house concert, and it exceeded all expectations.  From the music to the lights, the show was amazing.

Tuesday: Free Dinner at CDLC and cheap drinks at Shoko

Tuesday was tough… in Barcelona, Tuesdays are the hump day.  Once past it, the week cruises by.  Luckily I had the opportunity to attend a dinner at CDLC (Carpe Diem Lounge Club).  This was the second time I attended one of these events.  It included a glass of champaign when I first arrived, sushi, 2 courses of mediteranean food, fruit and chocolate fondue, and unlimited wine… atleast until the bucket for the group is empty. mmm soo good.  Afterwards we headed to Shoko which was 2 clubs down for a couple euro shots.. nopeee can’t beat that!

Wednesday:  Champaignería, beach, Field trip to The Olympic Museum

I had been looking forward to Wednesday all week! I couldn’t wait to skip my classes, go to my favorite Tapa’s restaurant and then to the beach… in my mind that was almost a perfect day.

Thursday: Laidback Luke at Opium Mar

The big day was finally here… LAIDBACK LUKE! My roommate had friends visiting, but they were not arriving in Barcelona until 1am on Friday so we met them at Laidback Luke around 2am… what a night!

Friday: Beach, Attic, L’Ovella Negra, Dow Jones Bar

Perfect day for a beach day! Met up with some friends who were visiting for the weekend at the beach.  Went to Attic for dinner… it was delish then headed to L’Ovella Negra (probably the only place I don’t mind drinking beer) and then to Dow Jones Bar. They loved it all.  Its a great feeling when you can be a host and have the company enjoy every second of their trip in the amazing city Barcelona.

Saturday: Beach, La Hacienda, Chupitos (by the beach), Opium

Sunday: chillaxed and recovered from an amazing yet exhausting week.


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