21st Birthday in Barcelona

Turning 21 in the states is a big deal consisting of a new dress (for girls atleast)!  The normal routine consists of having all your friends come to your place to pregame the night of your 21st (aka midnight)… usually BYOB obvs bc the birthday girl/dude shouldn’t have to pay to get everyone else drunk. Then whoever is 21 at the time, takes the verge blackout birthday person to the bar… this person usually has on a ton of tacky 21st birthday gear: shotglass necklace, hat, sunglasses, tiarra.. whatever his/her friends give the to wear… he/she must wear it.  So then at the bars, everyone else buys the 21 yr old drinks the entire night in hopes of watching them black out  and either make bad decisions or get kicked out of the bar.

Eventually the birthday kid makes it back safely due to atleast one maybe two friends who were not at the same level of drunk.  Here are two aftermaths of 21st birthdays:

exhibit a:

Before the blackout

exhibit b:

Morning of...

But here in Europe, it isn’t important, AT ALL.  The big deal in the states is that its the first day one can legally drink at bars or purchase alcohol..  My 21st birthday was March 21st… this is considered to be my Golden Year… turing the same age as the day (number) you were born… kinda legit that mine happens to be on my 21st.  So everything that is supposed to happen on a 21st birthday… welp not exactly my birthday experience.

My birthday activities consisted of:
Sunday March 20: still locked out of my apartment from being robbed in Valencia.. bye bye keys… then with no money, my friend took me out to dinner.  We made reservations at my favorite restaurant so far here in Barcelona… La Bella Napoli (AMAZING)… its off of Para-Lel.  Then the rumor was that some of our friends were going to George Paynes (an Irish Pub).

my fav ❤

Monday March 21 Day:  Played hookie. LOVE not going to class.  Woke up and my dad was trying to find a way to wire me money so i wasn’t broke on my birthday.  But he was taking forever and I legit didn’t want to wait in my apartment anymore… So some of my friends and I went to two of my other favorite places here.. Champaigneria… where you purchase 2 tapas and then get a bottle of cava for 5 euro… always turns into about 5 bucks for me and my friend. DELISH.  We met up with a few friends there, but then my dad called me and told me he wired the money… So Fianna and I went on a hunt for a Correos.  Luckily there was one about 5 minutes from Champaigneria. Then I was in Business =)  We didn’t feel like going back to Champaigneria so our next stop was Tapa Tapa ❤ off of Port Vell.  We got some banging Tapas and Sangriaaaa mmmmm.

Tapa Tapa

Tapa Tapa

Monday March 21 Night:  Originally the plan was to go to Nasty Mondays at Apolo… but last minute change of plans and we were headed to the guys for a normal Monday night of Loco Lunes at Otto Zutz… with just about every other American in Barcelona… nothing special.

the crew at otto zutz

But atleast I have 3 more birthdays when I arrive home in the states… going to bars with my dad and my mom as DD… “Okay, a bar it is. We’ll hit West Chester (a little). Mom can be the designated driver!”, West Chester bars and of course the Bars with all my lovers in State College!!!!!! CANT WAIT =)


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