“Welcome to París”


It is assumed that French people, specifically the ones who live in Paris are snobby and rude; however, the first couple my friend, Alyssa, and I met were as sweet as can be.  The only name we caught was Emma, their 20 month daughter.

After arriving in Paris ORLY, Alyssa and I figured we´d wing it through the metro to get to our hostel.  Luckily we met 2 american men from Barcelona who were heading in the same direction.  (It´s a good thing we decided to wing the 10.25 euro metro ride because otherwise Alyssa and I would have had to split 78euro cab ride.)

When we got to our hostel, St. Christopher’s, and checked in, our other friends had not arrived yet because they were on a later flight, so our job was to find a good place to eat dinner.  We asked the front desk and we were told to go around the corner to Le Bastringoe.  Obviously, we went to check it out.  It looked cute, local, and very good so we decided we would go there but still had a few hours to kill before the rest of the girls checked in. So we dicided to walk around to see if another restaurant could top Le Bastringoe.

About 10 mintues later we found ourselves under an awning trying to decifer the french menu.  A gorgeous tiny woman asked us what we were doing in her broken english accent and we attempted to tell her that we were searching for a place to eat.  As she lowered her cigarette, she told us that the place was much better for lunch.  We began taking, and when I said talking it was more like she was trying to speak in english but couldn’t complete her sentences, somehow I was able to do it for her.  Then she asked us where we were from and what we wanted to see in Paris.  We told her we were studying abroad in Barcelona so she said ¨Hablas español?”  I responded, “Sí hablo pequito español”  That point on our conversations were a mix between french, english and spanish.

The woman then invited us in to meet “es el amor de mi vida” and Emma.  We sat at their table, looked at each other as we both though the same thing… what are we doing?! The woman asked us what we wanted to drink as she pointed to herself, meaning its on me.  We said surprise us.  She ordered 3 glasses of champaign.  The bartender brought the classes and bottle to the table and poured each of us a glass.  The woman said “Salut i Wecome to París!”

This just goes to show that if you keep a smile and are always kind, the same will be reciprocated even when in a city that is notorios for being rude.


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  1. CultureChoc2010
    Feb 10, 2011 @ 14:42:09

    Nice story. I love Paris and the Parisians. They ARE really nice.


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